Friday, October 21, 2011


I finally realized why I love some artists and songs more than most. I grew up in the suburbs. I've lived a pretty suburban life. So I've never really protested anything, I've never really been oppressed, I've been bored, I've been in love, I've had a crushingly awful job and I've had lots of vacations to the beach.

So when I hear Squeeze's "Pulling Muscles from a Shell", it hits me where I live.

I wish I had a motor boat
to pose around the harbor

I understand that. I've lived that.

Steely Dan knows suburban angst. Squeeze knows it too. Joe Jackson gets it.

We think we're pretty smart
Us city slickers get around
And when the going's rough
We kill the pain and relocate
We're never married
Never faithful not to any town
But we never leave the past behind
We just accumulate
So sometimes when the music stops
I seem to hear a distant sound
Of waves and seagulls
Football crowds and church bells

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